Awards I Have Won!
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Please take the time to visit these wonderful site. 
Just click on the "Award" to go to
their site...

I no longer ask for awards.
So that makes them that much
more special to me!

All new awards are added at the bottom.

(NOTE: Some of the home pages are no longer on the web.
So I have deleted the links to help stop opening unwanted sites.

Thank you

Thank you


What a lovely web page she has!
I have enjoyed all the poems
and angel pics on this site.
Thank you Connie for both these
Wonderful Awards!

Thank you

Wow I just love this award!
The pic above is a real picture of an
angel in the clouds!
This site is a must see. She has
many more pics of real angels in the
clouds! Seeing her page makes  you
wonder and makes you want to look up more!
also a closer take a closer look at this award and
you will see two more angels!

Thank you Tracy beautiful award!

Thank you

What a wonderful site she has!
And a great webring to belong too!
Thank you Sarah!

Thank you Sherri

This is a lovely page. She has a wonderful
Webring, and some helpful links for helping
people. There is so much to see on her page!
Thank you Sherri for the beautiful award!

Thank you

What a nice surprise!
This site is a very nice one.
If you like fairies. Then you
will enjoy this page. Also she has
lots of angel pics and lots of many different
backgrounds to choose from.
I'm sure you will find something
you like on her page.
Thank you Kristen!

Thank you

If you like some of the backgrounds I have
on each of my pages. Then you must see this
page! She has some of the most beautiful
backgrounds I have found.
Thank you Marie for sharing your
backgrounds and for this beautiful

Thank you Jaymi

What an honor to receive this one!
What a lovely site this is!
I have enjoyed this one very much.
There are so many beautiful poems to read.
The site is put together with  such beauty.
Thank you Jaymi! Receiving this
award was a very nice surprise!
Stay sweet!

Thank you LadyJ

What a beautiful site this is!
And she has so many helpful things.
I really love visiting this site!
Thank you so much LadyJ,
For this beautiful award!

womanaward.gif (28477 bytes)

WOW I won yet another award for my page!
Thank you so much Tracy for asking for this
for my page! You have become a very special
friend to me! You always make me smile
with your emails! Luv yea girl!((Hugs))

Linda thank you for giving it to me on
behalf of Tracy.
You have a lovely page and I will
be back often.
Thank you!

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