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"I no longer ask for awards.
So that makes them that much
more special when I do get one!"

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August 7 2005

Dear Tammy
I have been looking around at your lovely site and it
is so very beautiful and I have put it in my
favorites, so I can find it easily again..
I am also touched by your caring heart;
that you do care about child abuse
and as a sign of this I am happy
to give you this award
presented by
 Friend2Friend, an online group I belong
to with loving and caring friends..
If you would like to put it up on your site
then please link it back to:
Have a nice day and take care


Dear LadySessiie

Thank  you so very much for this award!  It truly means a great deal to me to receive this award!  It is such an honor and such a beautiful award.  It has been a very long time since I have gotten one, because I no longer ask for them.

So thank you!

Congratulations Tammy! Your site “” has been honored with an award from Today’s Woman Writing Community. Occasionally as Founder and CEO of Today’s Woman, I'm given the privilege to review exceptional Web sites like yours. I hope that you will display the attached award proudly on your site and wish you success in your writing career.

Rose DesRochers
Founder and Administrator 
Today's Woman  is a supportive online community for men and women over 18. Our goal is to help writers succeed in the writing industry. We offer a useful selection of services including author interviews, regular columns , interactive forums, and a place to share your writing for critiques by your peers.


Dear Rose,

Thank you so much for this award. What a surprise and very unexpected!  It is such an honor!

Thanks once again!


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Sept. 11, 2001
Won't ever be forgotten!
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