We are so glad you were
able to find your way to
our haunted page. Oh
don't worry, we are all
here to help you through your lil' journey.

Ha Ha Ha

All eyes are now on you!


First stop is to see what our witch is brewing up....
Hummmm I think she just might need a lil' help from you.
Do you have any spare body parts you can give her? he he he

Next stop is to our lil' grave yard. It appears as though
everyone is out and wondering about tonight.
Oh don't be afraid, they won't bite.
Not to hard anyway!!! 
Ha Ha Ha

You had better hurry now!
I hear someone coming up behind you!
RUN as fast as you can!!!!!

Oh don't stop now!
You are nearly done.
Well done!!!!
he he he

Ok you can stop running now!
I think we lost them.
See, that wasn't so bad.
Was it?

Before leaving make sure you don't have anyone following you off the haunted page.  We wouldn't want them to get out into cyber space and out of hand. 
ha ha ha

Here at Luv's Creations
we sure hope you have a save and
Happy Halloween!

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