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This page contains a lot of my favorite links.
You will find all kinds of things.
You will find Angels, Bears, Sound Wav's, Images, Back grounds,
some cute and fun pages, Card sites, Poems and stuff for kids.
So enjoy!

3 kisses to you.

{note: Everything on my Site IS "Kid" safe}


I would like to give credit where credit is do!!!
And Thank everyone!!!

Some of the beautiful graphics and poems you see throughout my site,
I got from friends and some of these wonderful sites listed below. 


Just click on the to view the links.

Angelfire {Get a FREE home page here. Angelfire is one of the best and easy to use.} My Greeting cards! Luv's Creations Virtual Greeting Cards {Don't forget I have my own card site with some very nice cards and midis to choose from. You can create your own card with backgrounds, music, and font colors.}
My friends home page Candyman's Page {Steve's page is about him and his family and friends. Very nice job.} Cherished Teddies Cherished Teddies {Bears} I luv collecting them...
Sir William {A beautiful site, with beautiful poetry and graphics.} Bear Links
very nice card site Music Greeting Cards {This site has some very nice cards. A huge list of midi's to choose from and also java applet cards you can send.} Jesus in the Cloud's  This site has many different pages to go through. But its the page of Jesus in the cloud's pictures I really like!
Bemine Greeting Cards {One of my favorite cards sites.} Longaberger Baskets {I luv collecting them}
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Sandra Kuck Is one of my favorite artists! She has some of the prettiest angel graphics I have ever found.   You will see some of her work throughout my web page. If you would like to see more of her work the visit her web site.
Angel90h7 {this site is AWESOME! she has some wonderful free graphics! I really enjoyed her site. I'm sure you will agree!} Click here for Penny Packer's Web Page Penny Parker Is an awesome site to visit! Not only does she share her beautiful graphics for you to use but she has beautiful poems to read and share with your friends as well. This site is a must see! 
Your Guiding Angel {This is a wonderful and a very helpful site! Please take the time to see this one. She has lot's of helpful links, poems. Very much into saving and helping women and children from abuse.} Coming Soon!
please take a look at this page! Sabrina's Home Page {Please visit this site. And lets help bring  Sabrina back Home to her parents!} The Police tried to blame her parents for her disappearance and even tried to say that her parents killed their little girl.  But the police still have not found Sabrina dead or a live!  So as long as Sabrina is not found dead there is still hope she is a live!  We really need to find this little girl and return her home safely to her family! God Allows U-Turns God Allows U-Turns  This is a wonderful page for those of you that have a life changing true story to tell on how God has changed your life. I had the chance to work with Allison in Jan. 2000 on her first web page when she was just starting out. This Book is an awesome idea and I wish her lots of luck with it! and to any of you that submits your true story on how God has changed your life good luck. The first book is already out. Allison has sent me an Autographed copy and on page 8 under Acknowledgments she had written a message to me. I feel very honored to have had the chance to work with Allison. There will be a second book coming soon! and many more to follow! So please take the time to check out Allison's site and tell her Tammy sent you. ;-)
One of my favorite artist William-Adolphe Bougereau Angel Pictures Some of the Angel pictures that you will find throughout my site, are done by a very wonderful artist. I LOVE his work! Here is a link you can go to, to see more of his beautiful life like paintings.
With One Voice is designed to OPEN the Lines of COMMUNICATION and begin discussions of suicide , depression, drug abuse, child abuse, eating disorders, rape and other issues that sometimes lead individuals to the dangerous considerations of suicide.
  Coming Soon! Coming Soon!

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Hope your having fun.
Below are some Banners to some of my favorite sites.
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Thank you everyone!

Below you will find sites for, Live Cursor,
Lake Applets, Guestbook, Card Sites, and much more!
So have FUN!
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