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Anyone's Child

Cameras flash, sirens scream, another town ripped at the seams, A child is gone- no one saw him go, His fate is sealed, they already know now he's just another face on the wall of your store, stating age, height and race. You look at his face, take note of his grin. The kind of kid who'd let anyone in, To his house, his heart- He's the trusting kind, A surge of anger wells up inside. They said he was taken off the street. No struggle was heard, nothing was seen. According to them, it was just another day, Yet people come and go, children play. How could it be that a street so active happened  on this day, to be so passive? Where was his mother, the lazy dope, Sitting inside, watching soaps? Where the hell were the neighbors, anyway? One child, one adult, one quiet day, Is he still alive? Can he be saved? Or is he lying in some makeshift grave, You break your gaze and walk away Just another sunny day. As you turn onto your own busy street, You notice how deserted it seems to be. Sitting alone on the walk, a little boy, Maybe 5 or 6, playing with a toy. You look around, yes, He's all alone, Where does he live? You don't even know. You keep to yourself, no you never did meet, Any of these people that live on your street, Too busy, to good for them? What's your excuse? To meet them, you just didn't have any use, So how can you know where the little boy lives? Or what kind of parents He's dealing with. Is his mother at home, or is some stupid teen leaving him alone while she watches MTV? How do you KNOW? How DO you KNOW? You think of the boy on the wall, with the smile. And realize, he could be anyone's child.  

Written by: Kerensa Kelly

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Remember Missing Children's Day
May 25th
Leave your porch lights on!

Wouldn't it be great if YOU could say I
helped bring a child home today?
Please take the time to check out these sites
and each state for these missing children.
Just click on the link and a pop-up window should open.
If a pop-up window does not open then
Hit your "Back" button to come back to my page.

Thank you!

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Click here for Sabrina's Web Page
Sabrina is still missing

Please visit this site, and lets help bring Sabrina back Home to her parents! The Police tried to blame her parents for her disappearance and even tried to say that her parents killed their little girl.  But the police still have not found Sabrina dead or a live!  So as long as Sabrina is not found dead there is still hope she is a live!  We really need to find this little girl and return her home safely to her family!

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The Fedynich Children are still missing.

Have you seen these Children?  Two of them are still missing.  Please help bring the Fedynich children home.  For more information click on their photo.

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Shawn Hornbeck

Shawn went missing on October 6, 2002 and found on January 12, 2007
Click on Shawn's photo for his web page.
(His site has been down but should be up soon with an update.)

Have you seen these missing children?
Click on the links below for the state you want.

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Child help National Child Abuse Hotline:

and take a look at these missing children!

If you know about a child who is in immediate risk or danger, call your local police. If you have any information on a missing child,
call 1-800-THE-LOST. Or Report A Sighting.

Amber Alert

"Together We Make a Difference!"

For more information on missing children and how you can help stop the abuse.
Click here for My "Help Stop Child Abuse Page"

Click here to Light a Candle

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