Dearest Tammy,
 I am honored to have you place my poem on your wonderful site AND you did it beautifully!
I wrote it with God's help.  A year ago today, I watched in horror the events as they unfolded.  I felt the angels that day, while I stood in a crowded conference room gathered with co-workers around a TV screen.  Then ( as God so often does with me) the voice in my brain kept saying "Write the Poem".  The words continued until I wrote the poem on September 19th.  The words flew onto the screen as I typed, almost as if He were telling me what to say.  Then the words started again in my brain, "Send the Poem".  I didn't know who to send it to, so I simply sent it to some friends.  I heard back almost immediately from all over. 
It has been published in our local Victoria MN Gazette, and my priest put it in our bulletin for our Ecumenical Service at Thanksgiving.  I received an e-mail from a friend of the Burnett family here in MN who told me that they had felt comforted by it.
I have been writing poetry for some time, and people have continually told me to get them published, but this is the closest I've ever been to that.  Most people tell me they love them, that they make them cry and they make them feel better.  I am not one bit upset with you for the lovely way you posted the poem.
I have no web-site,   I copywrited the poem on

Do you mind if I stay in touch from time to time, You have a wonderful site.


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