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These are thoughts I have been having
For some time now...
And I would like to share them with you.

I have come to realize many things
Since I connected to the Internet;
One is that we have the opportunity to meet people
We never would have met otherwise.

We get to know these people,
Not by their looks or by their touch,
But by their heart and soul.

If we had met any of these people on the street,
We may not have given them a second glance.
Or, maybe we would have looked at them
And said some unkind remark...
Without ever having known the real person on the inside.
This is a very sad thing.

I have met many people on the internet
Who have truly touched my heart in many ways,
And have made me a much better person.

Wouldn't it be something
If the whole world could be touched like this?
To get to know each other in ways
They would never have thought possible?

I believe if they did,
There would be no lonely,
Disheartened, or disillusioned people.

This also applies
To the people we already know.
Please don't make assumptions.
Don't be critical.
And don't let pride get in the way of love.

We should stop to think
How it would be tomorrow
If we lost that person,
And we didn't have the chance
To say I love and appreciate you.

So, the next time you pass someone, anyone,
Consider the possibility that this person
Could be one of your Internet Friends...

One of those people you would love to meet.
One of those kind spirits who have a knack
For making your day,
Or for giving you strength through prayer and counseling.
One of those who've helped you along the way,
And you'd like to repay the favor
In some small way.

Just turn to that stranger and give them a smile...
A warm hello.
And soon this will catch on,
And soon we all will be smiling.
Because if we don't,
Then we may have missed meeting
that dear flower in the garden of our heart.

~Author known~

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