The Big "C"

"The big 'C'" I heard someone call it.
Another just whispered the word.
That we don't even dare to say "cancer" out loud
Gives it power it doesn't deserve.

So I'm giving that letter new meaning
And refusing to give in to fear
By reclaiming the power for you and for me
And by saying these words loud and clear:

Let the "C" be for "Cure" and "Compassion."
Let it stand for the "Candles" we light,
And a "Chorus" of voices shouting, "You 'Can'!"
To all who will take up this fight.

Let the "C" be for "Cash Contribution"
("Credit" or "Check" will work, too).
Let it stand for "Commitment" and "Checkups" and "Cheer,"
And the "Children" "Counting" on you.

Let it mean that we know our "Creator"
Is beside us each step of the way,
And remind us to "Call" on His strength and His love
And to "Celebrate" every new day.

To everyone facing this "Challenge,"
I say it's a fight we can win.
Tell all who will listen that, starting today,
The "C" is for "Courage," my friend.

~Written by Kathy Cawthon~ Cancer Survivor
Copyrightę 1999

Used with permission by Kathy Cawthon.
Thank you Kathy for allowing me to use your beautiful poem!
It means a lot to me and to so many others.

Please visit Kathy's web site at:
he Cancer Crusade

I dedicate this poem to everyone that has been
touched in someway by Cancer.

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made with your friends and family.

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