The Blind Man

Are we really Blind?
Are "We" the Truly impaired?
How many times have we truly
failed to see the Beauty
That's always there?

How many times do we fail to see
something as seemingly unimportant as
a Butterfly?

Have we ever appreciated a Spring
morning or an evening sunset?
When "WE" see something,
We want to be able to touch it and see
that it is there

We take for granted the
evenings and the star light

Somehow we have forgotten
that there is beauty all around us.
and it is everywhere

We notice the "flower" wilted and dry

The Blind man has no eyes,
but he can see far more
than you and me

The blind man sees
the same "Flower"
ever blooming

He smells and tells of the Beauty
and aroma of the
wilted flower.

Although his world is "Dark"
he can talk of the
stars and the moon up above

He speaks to God and thanks him
for the beautiful sunset.

He sees the child and sees the smiles ...yet,
he senses and feels the tears

He sees more beauty
each and everyday
he tells of the changing
colors and the seasons
of the year

The Blind man touches your cheek
and can tell you of your personality

He senses the beauty and... knows the pain

The Blind man can smell the spring
a Breath of fresh air is an inspiring thing.
He hears the insects and the sounds all around him

He "Marvels" at
the beauty of the Butterfly

When you meet the Blind Man

Give him a bunch of Flowers
it doesn't matter if
they are fresh cut or old

Just give them to him to hold

Now Ask him
"What do you see?"

He will tell you they are beautiful.
"You can even smell their Beauty," he'll say

How nice of you...
You are so kind...

For you see he sees not with his eyes,
but with his heart and with his mind

He appreciates the beauty all around us
He sees the flowers ever blooming

So when you come upon the Blind man
Shake his hand and say hello.
Then say, "Thank you my friend for teaching me to see."

~Author Unknown~

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