Best Friends

Growing up in life I was always told,
"If you find just one person in your lifetime
that you can call your "Best Friend."
Then you are very lucky!"
You can always say, "I have good friends."
But not many can say they have "Best Friends".
You and I met in a very odd place.
A place that not many go.
A place that many do not understand.
Not 'till they have been where you and I have.
Who would have thought that day
I logged on and walked into the
chat room I would have met my Best Friend?
That friend is YOU!
Some people aren't so lucky to
have a best friend like you.
Someone they know they can
always turn to.
Someone they call upon in the most
desperate times in their lives.
Someone they can tell their most
deepest, darkest secrets to.
Someone they can cry to and laugh with.
I have found all of these things in you.
And that is why I call you my Best Friend.
Your friendship means more to me than
you will ever know.
That is why I am writing this to you.
So you know how special you really are to me.
Thank you for being my Best Friend!

~Written by: Tammy Thorpe~

Copyrights© by: Tammy Thorpe 2000
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