Hello my love.
Sometimes it's hard to say
what I truly feel in my heart.
For I feel there is no word to
let you feel the love I hold
dear to my heart.
I try to show you in the little things I do in
each hour of every day.
I know my love, sometimes we miss
those little things that we say and do each day,
but just know this my love,
that the love I have for you is
greater than any word can ever say.
So my love, I write this for you
in hopes you realize
the love I have is precious in its own little way.
The love we share is so special
and can not be replaced by any other.
We can get through anything
because our love is true.
So for you my love,
I write these words to say.
I love you more and more
each hour of every day.

By: Tammy Thorpe

Copyrightę 1999-2007 Tammy Thorpe
I wrote this poem for my Husband Allen.
Please do not copy or use this poem.

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