This is the story on how my poem
"Looking Through Angel Eyes"
was published.

In 2003 a man named John Bell aka T.J.  from KAT 103 Radio Station in Omaha NE. contacted me through email about my poem
 "Looking Through Angel Eyes".
He asked if he could use my poem in a book he was putting together to help the Children's Hospital in Omaha NE. and the Children's Miracle Network.  The book is called
"KAT 103's Cookin' For The Kids"

The book is a Cookbook filled with many famous country singer's recipes, along with a few poems from different people. Everything in the book is donated and all proceeds have gone to help the Children's Hospital in NE and the Children's Miracle Network. The cookbook was only available to the people throughout the Omaha NE area. From what I understand the cookbook sold out in 48 hours!!!

T.J. sent me a copy of the cookbook along with a wonderful Christmas CD with some of my favorite country signer's Christmas songs.

Thank you T.J and KAT 103 for publishing my poem in your book to help the children! I will enjoy the many recipes that are throughout the book a long with the poems and helpful hints.


On to my poem
"Looking Through Angel Eyes"

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