Welcome To Our Back Yard

We have built a new pond. Everything is different from the old one.

The pictures on this page were taken of our back yard. We built this pond ourselves in the spring of 2003. I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as we love sitting next to it. We have 17 fish, and 12 tadpole. (Soon to be frogs.) We had a snake but chased him away!! Or so I hope.

I have 3 water lily's that aren't fully grown yet. I have a few more water plants that will flower. I have all kinds of plants planted all around the pond and a long the side of my house and fence.

Where Sierra and Nala are laying is
where the old pond use to be.

Look at the mess we created!

Starting to take shape.

This is before the mulch and plants.

Ahhh finally done!

We redid our water fall in 2004. These were taken 2005.
As you can see the plants have really grown.

Our Fish are really growing too.

This is a photo taken of the side of our fence

Here are two photo's taken of my roses.

This picture was taken of the side of our house. I created a lil' walk way to the back yard with a nice seating area. It is a very cozy spot to sit in the shade. I used two stumps from a tree we cut down as end tables next to my bench.

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