Angel Whispers

Angels whisper in the breeze,
carrying God's miracles on downy wings.
Going forth to where they are told,
having no particular agenda of their own.

They join hands when God says circle round,
someone is in need or feeling down.
Prayers are whispered into the wind,
until from heaven a miracle is sent.

They gather round and form a ring,
an impenetrable barrier of angels wings.
They whisper to us courage, strength, and hope,
and they encamp about us when we need them the most. 

Voices as soft as the feather is light,
call across the distance to those out of sight.
From every corner of the earth that knows the wind,
angels gather quickly and on us descend.
Celestial beings through which God's love flows,
He sends us his angels when we need them the most.

Written by: Paige Gray 

"Angel Whispers" is Copyrightę Paige Gray
Please email Paige for her permission to use this poem.

I have permission from Paige to use "Angel Whisper" on my web page.
Thank you so much Paige for allowing me to use your beautiful poem!

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