I'm sorry for implementing the "No Right Click" code to my web page. However I have found a few of my graphics and backgrounds stolen and being used on other personal pages without giving me credit for the hard work I have put into making them. I have even seen some of my graphics altered! If I use something from someone else's site I have tried to give credit for the work they have done. However if you find something here that belongs to you and you don't see credit or wish it to be removed, email me with the information and I will give the credit or remove it. Whichever is your wish. I have received email with some being rude because of the no right click. BUT many hours have gone into making my graphics and backgrounds for my personal web pages.  Please go to my "Links Page" to check out the wonderful sites where I have gotten some of the backgrounds and graphics. Those are who you should be asking permission from, and giving credit to for their hard work in creating such beautiful graphics. This does not mean you need my permission to send my greeting cards or to add a link if you so desire from your website back to mine. All the midi files I have are free to be down loaded without permission. The reason for all of this, is I have so many things on my pages that have either been made for me by dear friends, or given to me. I have a lot of things on my web pages that are very special and have lots of personal meaning to me. If there is a poem on my site that you wish to have Please ask me first. Keep in mind not all poems are free for the taking. There are some that are copyright to me and others and I have their permission to use their poems. And they do not wish for their poems to be used by anyone other then myself. I do not claim to write all the poems on my pages. There are few that are copyright to me that I have written. I do not wish for them to be copied and used without my permission. I hate having to write this out. But I feel I have too. I keep getting emails accusing me of claiming copyrights to something that is not mine. That is not so! I just do not feel it is right for others to take something without getting the permission that I did get! And I don't think its right to give me credit for something that isn't mine.

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