~I Know An Angel~

I know a little angel with a halo all aglow
Fragile little wings that take her where she goes
She follows my every foot step
Keeps me always in her sight
Whenever I need a little blessing she
makes everything all right
She tips her tiny halo
And blows me a kiss, or two, or three
A little wink and then she's off again
To show the world to me
Things that go unnoticed she
quickly points them out
She tells me of God's secrets
as she flutters all about 
I feel the brush of tiny angel wings
As she gives an unexpected  kiss
To have a pair of angel
wings is my greatest wish
Her halo gets a little crooked
as she gives a hug so sweet
And  I just have to giggle
when that tiny halo slips and rolls away
But she is always quick to find it
and puts it back in place
I can always count on my angel
to fill my heart with love
And remind me that life can be easy
if I learn to lighten up
Let's pet the pretty kitties and eat
ice-cream just because
Laugh just for the fun of it and 
give lots and lots of hugs
You can learn a lot from an angel
If you stop and take some time
I'd forgotten how cuddly puppies were
and sea-shells really are fun to find
Magic fairies live in dandelions when you
Blow their seeds away
And the beauty of a butterfly can brighten any day
Wherever I lost my childhood
She knows the secret to where it hides
A master at hide-and-seek she finds it every time
She flutters above my shoulder reminding me
we all have angel wings
But they are far too delicate to carry a heavy strain
So I'll lay down all my burdens and face into wind
And as I fly with my tiny angel I'll learn to laugh again!
I know a tiny angel with her halo all aglow
fragile little wings take her where she goes
Now I can go with her she has taught me how to fly
And when I long for the innocence of childhood
I know just where it hides!
It took my tiny angel to show me 
How to rise above it all
She found that touch of magic I lost so long ago
Even I have angel wings they were there hidden all along
To fly I only had to learn how to simply just let go

Written by: Paige Gray

"I Know An Angel" is Copyrightę2000 Paige Gray
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Poem by: Paige

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