What Do You See?

When was the last time you stopped in your tracks,
And looked around your world to see;
All of the beauty God created on Earth,
Especially for you and for me?

The mountains in all their splendor,
The oceans so wide and deep;
Majestic valleys like the Grand Canyon,
And desert vistas to make you weep.

While all of these things are on a grand scale,
He created small things too;
Individual snowflakes all lacey and white,
And spring blossoms promising life anew.

When was the last time you watched a baby cat,
One of the funniest people on earth;
Their antics are priceless and a joy to behold,
It will fill your whole soul with mirth.

The touch of a hand and a soft spoken word,
Or a hug from a very good friend;
These have lots of beauty but power as well,
To help a sad spirit to mend.

A baby’s first smile, first laugh, first step,
And his very first hug and kiss;
Are things every parent dares to dream of,
Something they don’t want to miss.

The riotous colors of autumn,
Or the blue of the sky;
A puffy white cloud,
As it gently floats by.

The irresistible smell,
Of that perfect red rose;
Or the shade from the tree,
While in the hammock you doze.

A child’s curiosity and wonder,
And the trust they give you;
The joy that they feel,
When they learn something new.

A babbling brook,
Or a dashing waterfall;
Gentle waves on a beach,
As you’re tossing a ball.

Rainbows are glorious,
A sight to behold;
With so many colors,
All bright and bold.

The wings of a butterfly,
As it floats along;
Or the beautiful strains,
Of a happy new song.

A meadow of wildflowers,
Or rock formations grand;
And the wonderful joy,
Of a beach full of sand.

The hum of a hummingbird,
As he comes to greet you;
With his colors all flashing,
First green and then blue.

The impenetrable rainforests,
With the exotic plant life;
And even the swamplands,
With all of the strife.

Squirrels in a tree,
Or birds in the air;
If you look you will see,
Beauty everywhere!

The giant redwoods,
So straight and tall;
Proves God is a master,
Once and for all.

So the next time your batteries,
Need charging up a bit;
Take a look for some beauty,
This world is a hit!!!

Written by: Susan Best
Thank you Susan for writing this beautiful poem for my web page.

This poem is a gift to me from Susan.
This poem is not to be used without our permission.
Thank you.

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