Angel's Do Watch Over Us

There is always an angel to watch over us and
to hear our prayers.
Each time a child cries out an angel is
 always near, to comfort the pain that
the child might fear.

Angels look down upon us,
watching us, to keep us safe.

You may not see them,
 but they are always there.

An angel’s love is like no other.
It is so special and so dear.

You can't feel it,
nor can you touch it,
but you know it's always there.
All around us we see them.
Just don't realize that
they are here.
They keep us safe from harms way.
They are all around to help
us through the good times and bad.

We just need to learn not to ignore them,
but to let them in our hearts and our souls.

Because an angels touch is one of a kind.

~By: Tammy Thorpe~

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